US F1 Team joins Formula One Teams Association (FOTA)

Charlotte, N.C. (Sept. 1, 2009) – US F1 Team announced today that it has joined the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA).

FOTA represents the best interests of the teams participating in the FIA Formula One World Championship and has the objective to promote the development of Formula One, enhance its worldwide image and reputation and help guide the sport by determining the technical and sporting regulations of F1. FOTA is also responsible for negotiating terms of the Concorde Agreement, the commercial contract which governs the sport and the World Championship.

“We are honored and thrilled to join the Formula One Teams Association,” said Ken Anderson, US F1 Team principal, president and CEO. “Racing in the world’s most advanced form of motorsport is not a task we’re taking lightly and we’re appreciative of the support we’ve received and will receive moving forward from the other members of FOTA.”