US F1 Team hires former Cosworth Director of Motorsport Bernard Ferguson

Bernard Ferguson and Ken Anderson

Charlotte, N.C. (Aug. 1, 2009) – US F1 Team, the first American-based Formula One team in more than 40 years, announced today it has hired former Cosworth Director of Motorsport Bernard Ferguson as its lead engine consultant.

Ferguson retired from his role at Cosworth at the end of 2007 when the engine builder left Formula One. With the company returning in 2010 to supply a host of new teams including US F1, Ferguson is a key addition for the team as it works to implement and develop the new engine. The immensely experienced Englishman, who worked alongside Cosworth founder Keith Duckworth, is currently the sole proprietor of Motorsport Consultancy Services, a company Ferguson formed in 2007 and which counts Cars International as a major client.

“The addition of Bernard to US F1 Team is going to be vital to this team’s success,” said Ken Anderson, US F1 team principal. “His wealth of knowledge and experience with Cosworth engines is going to be an enormous asset to this team in 2010 and beyond. We look forward to his arrival at our headquarters in the next couple of days.”

“I’m honored to be joining US F1 Team in its quest to put a competitive racecar on the grid in 2010,” Ferguson said. “Cosworth is a great engine builder and I look forward to helping US F1 implement and develop the engine alongside its new racecar next year and beyond.”