The Popular US F1 Bets

You may be keen on betting on the F1 races online. However, before you begin, here is what you need to know? As a gambler, you are not limited to a small pool of choices.

If you wish to bet on the US F1 races on judi online, then here are the compiled list of the popular US F1 betting types.

To-Win Bets

The to-win bet is where you bet on that particular driver who you predict will win the race. All you need to do is pick which driver you think will win and place a bet on him. If the driver whom you placed the bet on finishes the race first, you win the bet. You need to know that if the race has drivers that usually dominate, then the pay-out will be below. On the contrary, if the race has many drivers who all have a shot at winning, then the pay-out will be higher.

Podium Finish

The podium finish bet is another popular US F1 bet. You need to select a driver who you think will do well, and if they finish on the podium, you have won. A podium finish is where the driver gets either a first, second, or third position. There is no difference in the pay-out. All that matters is that your driver should finish in the top three. The pay-out of this bet is a little lower than the to-win bet. The bet is great as it lets you lower the variance.

Driver Matchups

You get to choose among tons of options to place this bet. Driver matchups are where you place a wager on who you think among two drivers will finish with a higher position. If you choose a driver who finishes before the other driver in the matchup, you have won. It does not matter if your driver does not come in the top three.

Prop Bets

Prop bets or propositioning bets are where you predict that something may happen or not happen. At times you may need to have some skill to predict it, and at other times it is a flat guess. Whether the prop bet falls under the skilled or the unskilled category is up to you to decide. In a skilled prop, you bet on whether a particular driver will lead the most laps. An unskilled bet is where you may want to bet on the number of cautions in a race.

Pole Position

You will have to decide which driver will qualify in the first slot in the starting grid in the pole position bet. If the driver gets the best qualifying time and gets the pole position, then you win.

Futures Bets

The future bet lets you bet on which team you think will win the championship of the season.


The US F1 race lets you bet on several bet types and as per your flexibility. This means that you can make use of any of your predictions to make money and bet on the US F1 races. If the F1 bet involves placing a bet on an individual driver, then the pay-out is higher.