What Makes The US F1 Race Exciting?

The United States Grand Prix has been held in the US since the year 1908 and is a motor race. It was earlier known as the America Grand Prize and later came to be known as the Formula One World Championship. The race has been held more than 50 times in varied locations.

The US F1 race is an exciting one, and here are the reasons why.

The circuit

All the F1 circuits are not the same. Each driver performs differently in each type of circuit, which will let you keep guessing who would perform better. Turn 1 is the corner, and it is a real challenge for most drivers. The angle is such that they can break late, and the wide order allows for varied lines. This does not make the corners simple as the angle drops at the apex drastically, which means that the drivers could turn blind. The COTA or the Circuit of The Americas is the first facility for F1 built in the US and was designed for all kinds of races.

The fans

The excitement of the fans is the other thing that makes the US F1 race a hit. Fans fly in from across the world for the race during the weekend to support and cheer their favorite driver.

Betting on the US F1 race

Betting is another reason why people flock from far and near to watch the US F1 race. The US F1 sports are decided in seconds. The betters thus seek any information that they may have to give them an edge over the other. It is not easy to be a professional better, and one needs the right ethics and skills to beat the opponent. They take time and manage their bankroll, and this lets them come up with the best strategies to place some winning bets on the US F1 race. They may bet on a single driver or on multiple drivers at one time.

The team dynamics

Racing may be an individual sport, but there is a team behind every driver. A driver who has a strong teammate will always have the edge over the others, which can be seen in the F1 race. Seeing the F1 race shows how team work definitely plays a big part in helping one win.

The qualifying team does not always win

This makes the US F1 game exciting. The fastest car may not always be the winner. So you may notice that a racer did very well in the qualifying match but lost in the final game. The race conditions, precipitation, temperature, humidity, and cloud cover may also change, and if a team is unable to adjust to it well, then even the fastest car will struggle.


The US F1 race is an event that all the racing enthusiasts wait for to see their favorite racers race on the track. Many also bet money online using varied strategies and win huge amounts of money when they bet on wins.